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Our Story

Every organization has its own unique story to tell. Allow us to share the story of


From the theory to trademark, from manuscript to book. From an entrepreneurial venture to a service organization. From human resource consulting training, and organizational development services to a development center.

Our Vision

We shall be the premier holistic educational, professional, and organizational development center linking the learning society, government, and private industries towards achieving personal, professional, and organizational victories.

Our Purpose

We are committed to nurture into greater fruition the resources and potentials of people and organizations for God’s greater glory.

Our Values

We uphold the timeless values of Love for Learning & Growth, Holistic Well-being, Service Excellence, Creativity, Integrity and Malasakit.

Its programs are designed and fortified by its registered patent and copyright

  1. On September 2, 2005, the National Library of the Philippines granted copyright to Ed Teovisio for his manuscript entitled, “The 8 Streams on Confluent Learning as a Holistic Learning Theory and Principle of Personal Effectiveness”with Registration No. 0-2005-295.

  2. The manuscript materialized into a book entitled, “8 Streams of Confluent Learning to Personal Effectiveness” that came with its 1st edition in 2010 and 2nd edition in 2013. By March 2014, its e-book version was released via Amazon, Kobo, Flipread, Barnes & Noble, and Itunes.

  3. A certificate of trademark registration was applied for in May 2, 2006 at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines in Makati. It was approved by the IPO on December 29, 2008 with Registration No. 4-2006-004573.

  4. The theory, principles, and methods of Confluent Learning became the centerpiece of its educational, professional, and organizational development programs fortifying the company’s programs with distinct approach and fervour. It became integral and standard to the design of the programs and methods of delivery by its certified trainers and facilitators.

It grew from an entrepreneurial venture into a service-oriented organization

  1. August 24, 1995, Confluent Learning Center was registered at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as single proprietorship.

  2. November 3, 2005, Confluent Learning Center was incorporated at the Securities and Exchange Commission under the ;business name Confluent Management Inc.

  3. April 25, 2014, Confluent Management Inc. took a step forward by registering Confluent Learning Career Development Inc. at the Securities and Exchange Commission granting it an exclusive license to use and adapt its patented programs.

  4. Today, CONFLUENT LEARNING CAREER DEVELOPMENT INC. carries the torch to bring the amazing power of Confluent Learning programs to more people and organizations locally & abroad.

CLCDI’s Patended & Fortified Training Programs

The theory, principles, and techniques of Confluent Learning is the centerpiece and the unique ingredient of CLCDI programs conducted to more than 100 companies had seen. While our programs follow standardized designs, CLCDI customizes every program to meet client’s specific training needs. Furthermore, we can also help organize your training events.

Our Training Programs

We believe that in every person lives the drive to quest for knowledge, skills, and wisdom. From the corners and through the doors of every home, of every school, of every organization, and of every creation the person sees, hears, feels and moves about comes an immense capacity to live a productive and prosperous life. Thus, the history-making of Confluent Learning Career Development Inc. (CLCDI) continues with the passion to nurture into greater fruition the potentials of this person so that in his/her life span, he/she may grow and contribute meaningfully to his family, community, company, and country.


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